Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

Do you have pipes leaking? Want to remodel your bathroom? Need a hot water heater or dishwasher? How is your sump pump? Is it going to work when you need it? At P & H we can fix what's leaking, help with your remodel, replace that old hot water heater that may be costing you more money than it's worth, and so much more.

Bathroom Fixtures
Kitchen Fixtures and Dishwashers
Drain Lines
Gas Lines and Venting
Water Distribution Piping
Water Heaters (Gas, Electric and Indirect Fired) (Standard Vent, Power Vent & Tankless)
Sump Pumps and Back-up Sump Pumps (Electric, Battery Operated and Water Powered)

Major and Minor Plumbing Repairs

Commercial and Residential Repair and Replacement

Backflow Prevention and Certification
Pipe Thawing
Ridgid Pro-Press Copper Technology
City and State Mechanical Inspection Certifications

Plumbing Water Heater