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Energy Savings Calculator | Home HVAC

To help you make the best possible choice, P&H Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning is excited to bring you Armstrong Air’s Energy Savings Calculator.


It can help you visualize the savings you’ll enjoy based on the efficiency of your Armstrong Air heating and cooling products. Since heating and cooling can consume more than half of your home’s energy bill,* the savings can really add up over time.


For U.S. and Canadian Residents




    1. Click on the “Heating” or “Cooling” button on the calculator.


    1. Select your desired AFUE (for Heating) or SEER (for Cooling) efficiency rating on the slide. The efficiency rating you select will be compared to a base heating or cooling system in your area of residence.**


    1. Lastly, use the drop-down menu to select the area where you live. This helps determine fuel and electricity rates, which vary by region. (Canadian provinces are listed at the bottom of the menu.)


Potential dollar savings are shown in the bottom half of the calculator.



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